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The Girls for Change Organization is a non- profit and self-supported Civil Society organization established in 2013 with head office located in the Thinker’s Village community in Paynesville with goal to assist young women (Teenage mothers 13-26 years) in Liberia live healthy lifestyles and teach them how to evaluate changes in the health situation of themselves and their young children as well as To utilize volunteers that have graduated from the program to serve as ambassadors and peer educators for young women of similar backgrounds.
The program focuses the following key areas –Combat teenage pregnancy, by facilitating community dialogues and training on sexual and reproductive health, hardships of pregnancy and family planning, targeting adolescent boys and girls. Recruit and build the capacity of group of students, each year, to become permanent members (ambassadors) of GFC.
The program also addressed the early childhood development needs of children of young mothers through an ECD center enrolling children (1 -6 years) as a strategy to enable girls return to school while their children are in a protected and caring environment that promotes their development needs.

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The Girls for Change aims at assisting teenage mothers re-join formal education and others enrolled in skills training programs. To address the growing concerns of many young/teenage mothers in and around the THINKER’S VILLAGE community, the GFC will also provide an Early Childhood Care Development Center to cater to their kids during school hours. Through this intervention our program will ensure a child friendly learning and play environment, the provision of learning materials to include reading books, and recreational materials.

Why we do what we do? See Our Works

Current programs run by the Girls for Change shows that many teenage mothers especially under-privileged girls are either not in school or engaged in productive activities because they do not have anyone to look after their kids.
While the provision of access to sexual and reproductive health services and free and compulsory basic educations are vital for economic growth and poverty reduction. However, it is critical that children of underprivileged and marginalized teenage girls are having access to early childhood care education. Providing such services or intervention will facilitate the return of teenage girls who have dropped out of school or are unable to participate in entrepreneurship trainings because they have to look after their children at the time they should have been enrolling in formal or informal school.
The Girls for Change believes that education is vital, and a key to success in every society. Our goal in helping teenage mothers re-joining school and ensuring the care and protection of children from violence exploitation and neglect is our mandate.